What is bs2tor2

's real address?

The main darknet site for today is blacksprut onion

TOR browser for logging into blacksprut

What you can buy on the bs2web

Why is it so difficult to find up-to-date bs2web mirrors

What can you buy on the bs2tor2 website? This question is often asked by beginners. The answer is simple - you can sell and buy anything on the Blackspruit marketplace. And although Sprut’s products are not always something prohibited, as practice shows, this particular category of products is especially popular. Regarding safety, buy goods at it is as safe as buying milk in a supermarket near your home. In addition, the courier hides the goods so that no dog can find it (without indicating the exact coordinates).

What do they sell on Blackspruit

Prohibited drugs. The website sells various types of relaxation and narcotic drugs that are prohibited for general sale and are not advertised to the general public. Falsification of documents is also common in Blackspruit. Here you can easily purchase passports, driver's licenses and certificates issued by government agencies around the world. Also, surveillance equipment is often purchased here. To him include: hidden cameras, various types of listening devices and other equipment used to obtain confidential information. In general, the assortment is so large that it is simply impossible to describe all the products on We recommend that you go in and start exploring on your own.